fieldgoalSmallBall Marketing provides business planning, marketing strategy, communication, and management consulting services for entrepreneurs, small businesses and professionals.

SmallBall identifies market opportunities by “sweating the small details” to position for success in highly competitive growth markets.

bill_mcgowan_150The meek shall inherit the earth, but they’ll never increase market share.”                                              William G. McGowan, Founder and CEO, MCI     Pioneer and entrepreneur who led breakup of AT&T monopoly that spawned the IT revolution.

SmallBall Marketing Consulting Services

  • Business StrategyDeveloping market plans to prepare for the launch of new businesses, products and services
  • Marketing PlansMarket research and planning, identifying and aligning with  strategic partners and alliances, forming joint ventures
  • Management Services– New market analysis, planning and implementation, participating as senior executive or advisory board member
  • MarketingDevelopment and implementation of new branding and market strategy, design consultation for logos, social media strategy, tag lines
  • Business Communication– Web Site editing, “Perfect Pitch” Professional Development Training, social media marketing, PR
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